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Oct 17
Social Security Increase for 2019

Those receiving Social Security benefits experienced a bit of good news this past week, as the government announced a 2.8% bump in benefits for 2019.  This 2.8% increase reflects a cost of living adjustment, as inflation in the U.S. has risen over the past year.  The benefit bump is the largest since 2012 for retirees. While Social Security typically comprises just a small

Oct 12
What To Do About Rising Interest Rates?

A common question that we get from our clients is how to invest in bonds in today’s market, given the trend of rising interest rates.  It has been one of our more difficult investment challenges over the past five years.  The heart of the problem is simple: during a period of rising rates, the value of existing bonds (with comparatively lower interest rates)

Oct 10
Housing Prices: Still Strong, Though Moderating

It is no secret that housing prices in the U.S. have recovered substantially since the 2008 financial crisis.  In the Denver metro area, and across many metro areas, housing prices are now well above their prior 2007 peak.   And this is largely a good thing, as a robust real estate recovery has created jobs, strengthened consumer balance sheets and improved the lending portfolio

Oct 08
Inflation and Bonds: An Update

We have been blessed with an extended economic expansion in the U.S. that has come with relatively little inflation.  Since the financial crisis of 2008, inflation in the U.S. has been very low, averaging well below 2%.  Indeed, the Federal Reserve’s stated inflation target of 2% per year has rarely been met over the past decade. Our country’s low inflation rate has been

Oct 04
Interest Rates Are Climbing

In the U.S., we have lived through a period of unusually low interest rates over the past decade.  In response to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, the U.S. Federal Reserve cut short term interest rates close to 0% for almost a full decade.  Moreover, the Fed engaged in quantitative easing as well, buying bonds from the market in an attempt to lower

Oct 02
Mark R. Brown was Recognized as 2017 Financial Times Top 400 Advisor.

For the 12th year in a row, Mark R. Brown of Brown and Company, Inc. in Denver, Colorado was recently named one of the Top Financial Advisors in America by Barron’s, a leading financial magazine. The advisors included in America’s Top Advisor Rankings represent the top one percent of professionals in 50 states and the District of Columbia. Mark ranked #10 among recognized

Aug 14
Oil Prices Hit Four-Year Highs

Oil prices rose to their highest levels since 2014 this week.  U.S. crude, measured by the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI), climbed to $75 per barrel.  Brent crude, the international measure of oil prices, is now at more than $84 per barrel.  There are several reasons for the increase in energy prices in 2018, both from the supply and the demand side. 

Aug 03