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Our proprietary approach to serving those impacted by divorce. Sorting out finances after a divorce can be incredibly challenging. We work with women on all aspects of their financial life as they begin anew.

Post-divorce, women face more obstacles in achieving a successful retirement

Female Spouses Tend to Keep the House*

Female spouses are overwhelmingly granted primary custody in U.S. divorce proceedings
In cases where the spouse has primary custody of the children, they are much more likely to keep the primary residence
Over time, lower investment accounts can provide a drag on retirement planning
Lack of liquidity can also be a concern

SOURCE: *Mulder, Clara H., and Michael Wagner. “Union dissolution and mobility: Who moves from the family home after separation?.” Journal of Marriage and Family 72.5 (2010): 1263-1273.

Women Live Longer (and Therefore Need More for Retirement)*

On an actuarial basis, women live longer than men
Based upon the most current statistics, American women should expect to outlive American men by 4.8 years. SOURCE: *The World Bank. 2018.

What Keeps You Up At Night?

Should I keep or sell the primary residence?

Do I have enough to retire?

Who do I trust to deliver competent financial advice?

What about alimony?

When should I take Social Security?

Are there any tax issues that I should be considering?

Do I have the right insurance coverages?

I’m worried about my children.

Will I have enough to leave a legacy?