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Experienced, Valued and Discreet

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Innovative Private Wealth Management Firm

Founded by Mark R. Brown in 1988, Brown and Company has been at the forefront of comprehensive financial planning and private family wealth management. Brown and Company’s visionary approach merged traditional business plans with personal financial strategies. Our firm pioneered the creation of sophisticated yet understandable and flexible family plans.

Committed to quality over quantity, our goal has never been to be the biggest but the best. Equipped with proprietary financial tools, time-tested processes and a dedicated team of professionals, Brown and Company continuously leads the industry in reliable, predictable and successful financial planning.

Tailored Excellence with a Personal Touch

At Brown and Company, our commitment to excellence extends beyond numbers — it’s about relationships. With a low 1:15 staff-to-client ratio, we prioritize building robust connections that go beyond financial transactions. This unique approach allows us to delve deeply into your personal situation, offering services that are not just comprehensive but also tailor-made to fit your individual needs.

Your Team, Your Allies

When you choose Brown and Company, you gain a team of credentialed, experienced and discreet specialists. Our comprehensive, personalized and confidential wealth management services are delivered by a multi-disciplinary team of experts, including five CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals. Your journey is guided by a partner and Client Relationship Manager, supported by operational, administrative and marketing professionals. Our extensive network of external professionals, spanning attorneys, accountants, real estate professionals and more, further simplifies the implementation of your plan.

Are You Ready for a Financial Legacy?

Our clients, ranging from entrepreneurs and executives to doctors, lawyers and inheritors of significant wealth, rely on us to manage assets ranging from $3 million to $50 million. If you fall into these categories and seek an experienced team to navigate your financial planning into retirement and beyond, connect with us today. At Brown and Company, your financial legacy is our priority.

With Brown, You’ll Know!