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Is Your Retirement Ready for a Recession?

Retirement is in sight, or you have already retired, and you have saved your entire career to enjoy this next phase of your life. Can your investment portfolio handle a recession? Will a downturn force you to alter your lifestyle, and have you considered strategies to minimize your downside risk?

Brown and Company addresses these concerns with our exclusive tool — the Recession Prep Scorecard®. This proprietary tool is designed to assess your situation and provide a personalized score, ranging from 1 to 10, reflecting your readiness for potential market volatility.

Wondering how your portfolio would fare in a recession? With the Recession Prep Scorecard®, we not only provide you with an answer but also take proactive steps to adjust your portfolio based on your individual score. Your score guides us in tailoring advice to your specific situation, ensuring you’re better equipped to navigate the uncertainties of a potential economic downturn.

At Brown and Company, we’re committed to ensuring you know exactly how a recession could impact your retirement. We go beyond awareness — we actively prepare your portfolio to cushion the impact, giving you the confidence to face the future.

How the Recession Prep Scorecard® Works

  1. Dry Powder or Cash Available: We assess the liquidity of your portfolio.
  2. Alternatives/Hedged Investments: We evaluate the diversification and risk management strategies in place.
  3. Cash Flow Needs: Understanding your immediate financial requirements is crucial.
  4. Comprehensive Balance Sheet: We examine your overall financial health and stability.
  5. Retirement Shock Absorber®: We consider the protective measures in your financial plan.
  6. Estimated Income of Portfolio: We evaluate the income-generating potential of your investments.

Each element receives a score, contributing to your overall readiness for a recession. With the results in hand, we collaborate with you to make necessary adjustments, fortifying your portfolio against potential economic challenges.

With Brown, you’re not left in the dark. You know how a recession might impact your retirement, and, more importantly, you have a dedicated partner to help fortify your financial future. With Brown, you know you’re prepared!

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