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Tax-Efficient Wealth Management Planning

Navigating your financial retirement landscape shouldn’t feel like deciphering a secret code. At Brown and Company, our comprehensive wealth management approach aims to demystify the complexities, ensuring a clear understanding of your finances. One crucial aspect of our strategy is evaluating your income sources against the tax landscape to optimize your financial picture.

Minimizing Taxes for a More Enjoyable Retirement

Our goal is simple: to minimize your taxes so you have more money to do the things you love in retirement. We achieve this by strategically managing flexible income sources, including retirement accounts, return of basis, interest and dividends, capital gains/losses, pension and Social Security, and earned income.

Pre-Retirement vs. Post-Retirement Taxes

As retirement approaches, a common concern arises: “How will I get paid once I stop working?” At Brown and Company, we help you create a sustainable stream of income lasting decades, all while keeping pace with inflation. Minimizing taxes becomes a crucial element in achieving this goal of sustainable cash flow.

Contrary to common belief, taxes in retirement are often overestimated. Your income taxes may be considerably less than during your working years, even if your standard of living remains constant. While you may have limited control over taxes during your working years, effective planning provides greater control in retirement.

The Power of the Retirement Tax Filter®

Enter the Retirement Tax Filter®, our interactive tool was designed with a goal to optimize your income while minimizing taxes. We consider various income sources, each with its unique tax treatment. This tool empowers us to strategically pull from different “buckets” of money, helping you visualize the impact of each decision on your income and taxes.

Consider these points:

  • Delaying withdrawals from pre-tax retirement accounts until age 73 if other income sources are available
  • Incorporating tax-efficient sources like Roth IRAs or municipal bond interest
  • Leveraging lower tax rates on interest, dividends and capital gains
  • Strategically choosing when to take Social Security benefits or pension plans

A Jargon-Free Approach

Financial jargon and confusing terms plague the investment industry. At Brown and Company, we reject this complexity. We believe in bringing clarity and simplicity to financial planning. The Retirement Tax Filter® exemplifies our commitment to an approach that’s understandable.

With Brown, You’ll Know!