Tax Planning

Enjoying Retirement More While Paying Less

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Tax Professionals Help Reduce Your Tax Burden

Taxes are unavoidable, but lightening your tax liability is a skill!

Unlock the full potential of your financial plan with Brown and Company’s expertise. We are dedicated to lightening your tax burden and enhancing your overall financial success.

We understand that lower taxes play a pivotal role in the success of your financial plan. At Brown and Company, we collaborate seamlessly with your CPA to meticulously plan efficient retirement tax strategies. Our goal is not only to reduce your tax burdens but also to facilitate the smooth and effective transfer of your wealth while maximizing your income.

Taxes are ever-evolving, and our professionals are committed to staying ahead of the curve. We recognize the importance of keeping taxes top of mind throughout the year, ensuring that our clients are not caught off guard come tax season. Strategic tax-loss harvesting is one of the tools in our arsenal, as we continually search for opportunities to mitigate tax impacts.

While we are not a tax preparation services business, we pride ourselves on partnering with well-respected CPA firms and individuals. If you need assistance, we are more than happy to recommend an income tax preparation firm or advisor, our 40 years of experience enables us to match clients with high-performing advisor partners who are the best fit for their unique needs. This ensures that you have the most appropriate specialist by your side.

The act of tax management is not a once-a-year task for us — it's a daily endeavor. Brown and Company's Professional Tax Services follow a meticulous process:

  1. Utilize the Retirement Tax Filter™: Leverage our specialized tool to optimize retirement tax strategies.
  2. Develop Income and Withdrawal Plans: Craft comprehensive plans tailored to your financial landscape.
  3. Assess Tax Consequences of Investments: Strategically evaluate the tax impact of your investments.
  4. Conduct Tax-Loss Harvesting: Continually search for opportunities to minimize tax impacts.
  5. Coordinate with CPAs and Accountants: Seamlessly collaborate with tax professionals to ensure comprehensive planning.
  6. Efficient Charitable Strategies: Maximize the impact of your charitable contributions while minimizing tax implications.
  7. Deferred Income Strategies: Implement strategies to defer income and optimize tax outcomes.
  8. Preferential Gifting Strategies: Craft gifting strategies that align with your preferences and reduce tax implications.
  9. Discounting Strategies: Utilize effective discounting strategies to enhance overall tax efficiency.

At Brown and Company, our commitment to reducing your tax burden is not just a service; it’s a strategic and ongoing partnership, ensuring your financial success year-round. With us, tax management is proactive, not reactive.

With Brown, You’ll Know!