Retirement Shock Absorber®

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A Buffer to Counter Negative Market Impacts

Dreaming of a retirement that’s easy and carefree? One where the stress of whether your portfolio can support your lifestyle or fears of running out of money are things of the past? Look no further — at Brown and Company, we’ve got the solutions to make your retirement truly enjoyable.

We believe in focusing on two crucial numbers for retirement: the amount needed for your current goals and an additional buffer for life’s unexpected twists. This buffer ensures you can relax, no matter what happens — be it market ups and downs or unforeseen life events.

Imagine this: With a buffer in place, you’ll feel secure and financially free, even during market uncertainties or unexpected life events. Introducing our exclusive tool, the Retirement Shock Absorber®: a sophisticated financial and retirement planning tool developed by us to help you navigate the inevitable ups and downs of life and the markets.

When markets get turbulent, smart investors steer clear of emotional decisions that could harm their long-term plans. The Retirement Shock Absorber® steps in to help you and your family maintain your lifestyle and financial goals, regardless of economic shifts or market swings.

By choosing Brown and Company for wealth investment management services, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to providing a clearer path to your financial future. With Brown, you will rest easy, knowing you’re in capable hands and your retirement dreams are within reach!

How the Retirement Shock Absorber® Works

The Retirement Shock Absorber® is a proprietary financial and retirement planning tool that assumes that we cannot control — or consistently predict — the inevitable ups and downs in the markets. Using this tool during the creation of your wealth plan helps us devise a strategy for you that will help absorb negative market fluctuations.

We recommend a minimum 20% buffer or cushion. Assuming an 8% average rate of return over time, we come up with the amount of capital you need to maintain your lifestyle while accommodating variations in your portfolio. A financial plan with a built-in 20% cushion, or shock absorber, helps you weather difficult markets while maintaining the lifestyle you’ve worked throughout your life to achieve.

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