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Preparing the Next Generation for the Future

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Empowering Futures: Education Planning with Brown and Company

The most valuable gift you can bestow upon your children or grandchildren is an education that paves the way for a fulfilling lifetime. At Brown and Company, we recognize the profound impact of this gift, understanding that our clients aspire to provide the best possible education for their heirs. We stand ready to assist, armed with the knowledge and expertise needed to help you establish educational savings plans for the next generation.

Meeting the Challenge of Rising Costs

The landscape of education costs is rapidly changing, with even public colleges witnessing significant increases in costs. Whether your vision includes a private or public university degree for your children or grandchildren, anticipating future costs is paramount. Brown and Company is here to guide you through this process, emphasizing that the earlier you begin to save, the better equipped you’ll be to meet the expenses of higher education.

Brown and Company Education Planning Process

Education planning is an integral component of your comprehensive wealth plan. Our meticulous education planning process encompasses the following steps:

  1. Discuss Educational Goals and Time Frames: Understand your aspirations and time frames for your heirs’ educations.
  2. Evaluate Educational Savings Vehicles: Explore options such as 529 college savings plans and Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) to find the most suitable vehicles for your goals.
  3. Determine Appropriate Investments: Tailor your investment strategy to align with your educational savings objectives.
  4. Integrate into Estate Planning: Ensure that your education plan seamlessly integrates with your broader estate planning.
  5. Look for Tax Deductions: Identify opportunities for tax deductions that will optimize your educational savings.
  6. Implement Strategies: Put the plan into action, executing strategies to achieve your educational goals.

Commitment Beyond Generations

With over 40 years of experience in wealth management, Brown and Company is not just a financial partner; we are a dedicated companion throughout your journey. We commit not only to seeing you through retirement but also to supporting your children and grandchildren as they navigate the path through college and into their careers.

Invest in the future with Brown and Company — where expertise meets commitment, ensuring that the next generation is equipped with the educational foundation they deserve.

With Brown, You’ll Know!