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Feb 02
How Charitable Giving Can Benefit Donors See More

Kelly and Bob regularly set aside a small portion of their budget for charitable donations. In addition to feeling good about supporting a number of worthy causes, they’ve been able to deduct the value of their charitable gifts from their Federal income tax return. Now, the couple thinks it is time to make a larger charitable contribution. Their intention is to donate some stock they purchased years ago for $1,000 that has since increased in value to $50,000.

Jan 22
Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs See More

We all love stories of originality and innovation. Who isn’t inspired by the entrepreneur who was willing to risk it all and, against all odds, succeeded? We all want to hear about the person with strong convictions who swam against the tide, and we want to copy the traits of successful entrepreneurs.

Dec 29
The Risk of Rising Interest Rates See More

Interest rates remain near all-time lows. Since September of 1981, the Federal Reserve has guided 10-year Treasury rates from a peak of 15.84% to a low of 0.55% in July of 2020.This decline has been engineered in keeping with the Fed's "dual mandate" to manage employment rates and inflation through rate adjustments; using rate hikes to cool economic activity, and rate reductions to energize it.

Dec 14
Creativity Starts with Empathy See More

Keats was actually explaining his thoughts on the creative process. He believed that the most creative people are those who can suspend their own proclivity to judge and instead simply observe and experience. They are humble enough to believe that they can learn from others who hold very different viewpoints and beliefs.

Dec 03
Top 10 Year-End Planning Ideas See More

As we approach the end of the year, it is always beneficial to establish and review financial goals to determine whether any additional actions should be taken. Here are the top 10 year-end planning ideas that we discuss with our clients that should consider.

Dec 01
3 Tax Strategies to Consider at Year-End See More

With the year rapidly coming to a close, and the upcoming tax year looming with uncertainties, you should consider updating your tax strategy to best preserve your assets into the future. Don't wait until the end of the tax year to make these adjustments. Check out some of the tax strategies below then reach out to your financial professional now so you’re prepared for any potential tax changes in the New Year.

Nov 25
Redefining Retirement: Take Our Free Assessment See More

As a wealth management firm, our objective is to not only help clients reach their goals, but also define those goals as well. For instance, if one of your goals is to retire at age 62, we could not help you actually achieve that goal unless we know what “retirement” means to you. Often that means redefining retirement.