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Preparing You & Your Family For Life After the Sale


An entrepreneur’s emotional attachment to the business cannot be overstated. According to our conversations with a number of investment bankers over the years, this is a big reason why deals fall apart. Many business owners are not emotionally prepared for life after the sale. That’s why the following question is so important.

How will you spend your time once you are no longer involved in the business?

Quite a lot of entrepreneurs we have worked with over the years have said they will “never retire”. This does not necessarily mean they will never exit the business; it often just means they do not resonate with the traditional notion of retirement. Go figure that innovative, action-oriented risk takers like entrepreneurs don’t gravitate toward a concept that connotes passivity and withdrawal.

The word retirement has to be redefined to something meaningful and compelling to you. It is not about what you are “retiring from” but instead what you are “retiring to” in terms of a positive vision for a whole new phase of life.  If you want to help clarify your ideal vision for the next phase of life, take this short assessment that we’ve designed to help you do that.

How do you “get paid” for the next several decades after you sell the business?

This is a potentially daunting challenge for an entrepreneur. How will you take a largely illiquid asset base and convert it into a sustainable steam of income that will last for two or three decades and keep up with inflation?

It is crucial to have a plan addressing the mechanics of income creation prior to sale. You need to understand how your “paycheck” will be created in retirement. This should be a comprehensive strategy that includes cash flow from illiquid assets such as investment real estate as well as more traditional investment accounts.



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