Business Exit Strategy

Transitioning from One Stage of Life to the Next

About Business Transition Planning

Many of our clients’ personal and business finances are interconnected, marking future financial and estate planning extremely complex. Brown and Company has helped many of the pillars of our community shift from owning a successful business to selling that business and enjoying a successful retirement. Mark himself is a business owner with over 39 years of operating and business and helping our clients do so. And we will help you, too.

The most important question to ask at this point is: Will your exit planning strategy prepare you for retirement? Decades of working with entrepreneurs has provided the Brown and Company team with the knowledge and experience to help our clients address these common concerns regarding business succession planning:

  • How much do I need to “net” from the sale of the business to be financially independent?
  • Is there any planning I should be doing to reduce my taxes?
  • How will I “get paid” for the next several decades after I sell the business?
  • What should I be doing to maximize the value of the business prior to sale?
  • Will I continue to work in the business and for how long?
  • How do I replace the services the business provides me now?
  • Do I have a game plan for how I will spend my time post sale?

Company Succession Planning Services

Our process involves working with your entire financial team as you prepare your business for the transition and working with your family for life after the sale.   Our proprietary tool, the Buyout Barometer®, helps business owners assess whether they can sell their businesses and confidently pursue successful retirements.

Brown and Company is committed to helping you work through all the variables involved in selling a business. We pledge to be part of your team from your first initial thoughts and planning through receipt of the proceeds of the sale.

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