Retirement Shock Absorber

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There's many reasons to have a cushion, the market is just one of them.

A lot of wealth managers present their clients with a “magic number” that represents what they need to retire comfortably. At Brown and Company, we believe there are two numbers: the one required to meet your goals in today’s circumstances, and a second number that includes a buffer. This second number ensures that you will be comfortable no matter what the market does, and you won’t have to worry about pulling back in bad years.

The Retirement Shock Absorber® is a proprietary financial and retirement planning tool we developed and utilize to help plan for the unavoidable events we experience in life and in the markets. Early in Mark Brown’s career, the news that drove the markets was always a surprise. Every year something would come out of left field, both positive and negative, that had a big impact on markets. Mark believed he could create a system of wealth tools that would account for future bumps in the road and allow his clients to retire with confidence.

In times of volatility, wise investors know to avoid the emotional decisions that may negatively impact a portfolio over the long term. The objective of the Retirement Shock Absorber® is to help families maintain their lifestyles and financial goals, regardless of the economy or markets. When you choose Brown and Company to provide wealth investment management services, you can count on a clearer path to the future.

How the Retirement Shock Absorber® Works

The Retirement Shock Absorber® is a proprietary financial and retirement planning tool that assumes that we cannot control — or consistently predict — the inevitable ups and downs in the markets. Using this tool during the creation of your wealth plan helps us devise a strategy for you that can help absorb negative market fluctuations.

We recommend a minimum 20% buffer or cushion. Assuming an 8% average rate of return over time, we come up with the amount of capital you need to maintain your lifestyle while accommodating variations in your portfolio. A financial plan with a built-in 20% cushion, or shock absorber, helps you weather difficult markets while maintaining the lifestyle you’ve worked throughout your life to achieve.

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