Tax Planning

Enjoying Retirement More While Paying Less

Tax Professionals Help Reduce Your Tax Burden

Lower taxes contribute greatly to the success of your financial plan, and Brown and Company always makes sure to work with your CPA to best plan out efficient retirement tax strategies. By doing this, we can help reduce their tax burdens, efficiently transfer their wealth and maximize their incomes.

Because taxes are constantly evolving, our professionals are committed to staying up to date so we can help our clients mitigate their tax impacts. We don’t think about taxes only in the Spring. We keep taxes top of mind throughout the year, continually search for opportunities to strategically leverage tax-loss harvesting. The last thing you want is an unpleasant surprise in April!

We are not a tax preparation services business, but we partner with well-respected CPA firms and individuals, and we are happy to recommend an income tax preparation firm or advisor if you need one. We have a proprietary tool called the advisor filter we use to help match clients with high performing advisor partners that are the best fit instead of doing it in house. By doing this, we are able to match the most appropriate specialist with clients. The act of tax management is a daily endeavor.

Brown and Company Professional Tax Services

We follow these steps during our tax planning process:

  1. Utilize the Retirement Tax Filter™
  2. Develop income and withdrawal plans.
  3. Assess tax consequences of investments.
  4. Conduct tax-loss harvesting.
  5. Coordinate with CPAs and accountants.
  6. Efficient Charitable Strategies.
  7. Deferred Income Strategies.
  8. Preferential Gifting Strategies.
  9. Discounting Strategies
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